(2-imidazolin-2-yl)thieno-and furo¬2,3-b| and...

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260/276.1, 71/8.

C07D 491/048 (2006.01) A01N 43/90 (2006.01) C07D 213/80 (2006.01) C07D 333/36 (2006.01) C07D 491/04 (2006.01) C07D 491/14 (2006.01) C07D 491/22 (2006.01) C07D 495/04 (2006.01) C07D 495/14 (2006.01) C07D 495/22 (2006.01)


CA 1259617

(2- IMIDAZOLIN- 2 -YL)THIENO- AND FURO[2,3-b] AND [3,2-b] PYRIDINES AND INTERMEDIATES FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF, AND USE OF SAID COMPOUNDS AS HERBICIDAL AGENTS ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE There are provided novel (2-imidazolin-2-yl)- thieno and furo compounds, and intermediate compounds for the preparation thereof, and a method for control- ling a wide variety of annual and perennial plant species therewith.



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