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CA 2698440

The Pressure Differential Equalizing System, is a "collectivity" of flexible fibrils, and tubules of varying lengths and diameters. The "System's" components enable bodies to move through air or fluids more efficiently by equalizing pressure differentials forming on their surfaces thereby reducing turbulences that impede motion. The "System's" components' micro and macro attach and release points autonomously transfer air/or fluid molecules from relatively higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas on moving surfaces. The System's components disrupt spontaneously forming turbulences that attach to or form upon surfaces of moving bodies while deflecting vortexes away from moving surfaces where they harmlessly dissipate and unable to inhibit the motion of moving bodies. The "System's" components are attached to exterior surfaces of moving bodies such as: vehicles, humans, marine craft, sports equipment or stationary surfaces encountering moving air or fluids e.g., wind turbine and bridge pylons. The "System" uses no valves, pumps, springs, or airfoils.


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