Flame retardant fibers

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CA 1084659

FLAME RETARDANT FIBERS Abstract of the Disclosure An assemblage of fibers is provided which exhibits highly satisfactory flame retardant characteristics in spite of the fact that discrete fibers are included within the admixture which would normally burn when exposed to flame. Included in intimate physical admixture with the fibers which would normally undergo combustion are discrete additive fibers consisting primarily of a chlorinated and/or brominated aromatic polymer having the inherent ability to render the admixture as a whole non-burning when subjected to the flame. Particularly preferred additive fibers are formed primarily of an aromatic polyester formed from the reaction of tetrabromo- bisphenol A, isophthalic acid, and terephthalic acid or the ester- forming derivatives thereof. Also, in a particularly preferred embodiment a minor concentration of an oxide of antimony (e.g. antimony trioxide or antimony pentoxide) is intimately dispersed throughout the additive fibers. Flame retardant fiber blends readily may be formed without a diminution of the textile properties thereof, e.g. hand and aesthetic appeal.



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