(b a)-bit-a/d convertor with b-bit auxiliary a/d convertor

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H03M 1/00 (2006.01)


CA 1133637

ABSTRACT: An analog-to-digital converter is described for converting an analog-signal into a sequence of (b+a)-bit code words by means of a b-bit auxiliary analog-to- digital converter. To reduce the quantizing noise result- ing from the requisite quantizing of the analog signal samples this analog signal is applied to an integrating network whose output is connected to an amplitude-limit- ing device which brings the integrated signal within the signal range of the auxiliary analog-to-digital converter, which in its turn produces a sequence of b-bit code words which are applied to a digital output filter via a cascade arrangement of an amplitude-restoration device and a difference network. Sampling pulses which occur at a frequency exceeding the Nyquist sampling frequency associated with the analog signal are applied to the auxiliary analog-to- digital converter.



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