"masterless" power supply arrangement

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H02J 3/06 (2006.01) G05F 1/59 (2006.01) H02J 9/06 (2006.01)


CA 1166689

- 12 - Case 4359 ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A power supply arrangement is disclosed wherein the power supplies (12, 14) share the power require- ments of a common load (20) approximately equally and wherein either of the power supplies (12, 14) can act as the "master" while the other power supply acts as the "slave". The arrangement utilizes an ????? differential a non-inverting amplifier (58) which are electrically connected between the common load (20) and the power supplies (12, 14) to detect any difference in the out- put current of the power supplies (12, 14) due to a difference in output voltage, and correct same by increasing the output voltage of the power supply having the lower output voltage until the difference is eliminated. In this manner, either power supply (12, 14) can act as the "master" while the other power supply acts as the "slave".



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